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Welcome to our Home!! Moving Week!

Welcome to our home!

 After a year and three weeks, we moved into our new house!

We received our Certificate of Occupancy on April 20, 2021. We started moving boxes that week and continued for a while!

First of many boxes!

Finally able to lay out my Ruggable rugs!

Cole and Kemily and Remington were here to help us over the weekend.

I didn't realize we had sooo much stuff!

And more STUFF!!

But waking up to this view is magnificent! No words!

A few things still needed to be completed on the house. This week my pantry ladder was installed.

And we hung our curtains with a lot of help!

My vent hood was installed as well.

We are so grateful to Ryan Thewes, architect, for designing this beautiful home and to Dayton Brown of Hedgewood Builders for building it! We couldn't be more pleased!

A home is a work in progress, and we always have more plans than we have time, but in the future we hope to create a garden space with raised beds, fence off some pasture area for sheep and chickens, create an orchard, and much more!

Landscaping and Finishing Touches

This week the electricians finished up. Dayton finished up the wood finishes in the house. The kitchen got its backsplash, pot filler and vent hood installed. Landscaping went in around the house and the mailbox was put up. The appraisal was done on the house for the final mortgage. We passed one big inspection with a few To-Dos, and the last one is next week. Then we get on Certificate of Occupancy and can move in!

Hurry Up and Wait Week


This week has felt like we are on the hurry up and wait train. A few steps forward, then a back step or a no show. Sub contractors seem to work on a different schedule than we're used to! 

The baby steps this week were the culvert, bathroom and pantry hardware installation, fridge and some other plumbing installation, glass shower wall and door install, mirrors installed, under-counter lighting installed, and I am sure a bunch more little things that I haven't noticed. 

A Few More Finishing Touches

This week a few more finishing touches were done on the house. Appliances were installed, except for the vent hood which was the wrong style, and a new one had to be ordered. The maple floating shelves were added to the kitchen. The cleaning crew made a sweep through the house getting stickers off the windows and a layer of dust swept up. Blinds were installed in a few of the bedrooms, and the HVAC installed the main units - the house has heat! The beautiful wood treads were installed in the stairs.

A Maple Countertop is BEAUTIFUL!

This week the carpet was installed in the bonus room, the kitchen island and pantry countertop were finished up, cleaning and painting touch ups were started, and electrical work continued.

We Have Lights, Plumbing Fixtures, and Gutters

This week they worked hard to finish up some large projects at the house. The wood counter tops in the pantry and the island are in the works. Toilets, faucets and shower heads were installed and lights were hung. The outside of the house had the gutters hung.

Finishing Touches

Slow work this week - the HVAC got started on finishing touches - the AC units and vents were installed. Landscaping work was started with clean up and dirt work around the house. Door handles were installed this week as well.