After working as a Pediatric RN for a short while, I followed my dream of becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), where I assisted new mothers in learning to breastfeed their new babies. As we went on to have 5 children of our own, I realized healthy eating shouldn't stop at breastfeeding our babies, but our diet should be a total lifestyle. We envisioned growing all of our own food - being self-sustaining.
My husband and I, with our 5 children, soon moved to a 30 acre hobby farm in west Tennessee. We have raised everything from chickens, turkeys, lambs, and pigs to lettuce, tomatoes, beans and more. Most times we have a new litter of kittens on the back porch. After almost wearing ourselves out, we have downsized our animals and are focusing more on our cooking, sewing, crochet, homeschooling, and gardening and other creative ambitions.

                                   Honey and blueberries are our main farm products now.

 I created this blog to journal our random adventures as we seek to live a fulfilling, but more simple lifestyle. I have decided BUSY is a bad word - it leaves no time for rest and causes one to eat way too much convenience foods. We are changing our diet over to whole, unprocessed foods.
Having our home up for sale has caused us to do some major decluttering in all areas of our lives from our closets to our activities, even to our diet as we clean out our pantry.
Follow me as I journal our families journey to a healthier, more simple lifestyle.

We sold our farm and moved to the city - well, not quite, but we're a lot closer to my husband's work, the grocery store, and school for our oldest who is now in college!

We hated to leave our farm, but life moves on, and to keep it on the simpler side, we had to make a sacrifice. We needed our time and money going towards things that would benefit us and the kids for the future - that means college for our son and a master's program in sustainability at Lipscomb University for my husband.

And being closer to work and school means we have more time together as a family.

That's very important to us!

Our Family

Our Lively Bunch!

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