Crafting with yarn scraps - cards to make with your kids for Mother's Day or other holidays

Creating Mother's Day cards with yarn - yarn art - card making - preschool arts and crafts - cards to make with your kids

I love to use yarn scraps to create fun craft projects with my kids. This week we've been making Mother's Day cards with yarn we have leftover from different crochet projects.

You might enjoy these crafts/cards:

Mother's Day cards ideas

With all the crocheting that I do, I have a huge amount of scrap yarn - yarn that is in too small of an amount to crochet with. But, I hate to throw it away!!

 I've been thinking all year about what to do with these scraps. When I noticed that Mother's Day was creeping up on us, I had an idea for those yarn scraps - I'll let my preschooler use some of this yarn to create unique, one-of-a-kind Mother's Day cards for all the mothers we know. 

Today I'm sharing one of the easier cards to make - one that my 4 year old did mostly by himself.

Mother's Day card ideas - cards kids can make - yarn art