Declutter your clothes closet for free!

Declutter your closet with a ribbon by Tea in the Morning Too
"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." - Dale Carnegie

Let's face it - decluttering your clothes closet isn't fun! And there are so many decisions to make - do I keep this? Donate it?  Throw it away? Will I really wear this next spring? I hate making decisions like this because my default is to keep everything just in case!

But we're moving again (to a new house we're building on the road behind us, so literally in our backyard, but still ...) so I'm thinking to get rid of items I don't really want to lug to the new house.

Someone I've recently started listening to for great closet decluttering tips is Hilary Rushford. I always knew her as the Instagram Queen, but now she has a style blog - Style and Styleability. Her fashion style isn't me, but I like what she has to say in her videos promoting her new style class.

And this led to my latest project - decluttering my closet with a ribbon. This idea came from Hilary, but I put my own spin on it. She suggests decluttering all your clothes at one time. I am doing one season at a time - less stressful and more doable for me.

Declutter your closet with a ribbon by Tea in the Morning Too

Declutter Your Closet with a Ribbon

1. Push all your clothes to one end of the closet and tie a bright ribbon at the front of the rod, to the left of all your clothes.

2. As you wear an article of clothing, hang it back up (after washing if necessary!) to the left of the ribbon.

3. Continue to get dressed from the right side of the ribbon, hanging it back up to the left of the ribbon. Try not to pull clothes from the left of the ribbon to wear that day unless you must, or it coordinates with an item on the right of the ribbon.

4. If you wear an outfit and just aren't pleased with how it looks or feels or how it makes you feel, put it in the donate/sale/ pile. If you can't wear an item you like because it needs hemmed, a matching undershirt, or something similar - do it/get it!

5. At the end of the season, get rid of all the clothes that are still on the right side of the ribbon. You don't really like/wear/need those items. No questions or decisions need to be made at this point.

I'm hoping this project helps me get my clothes under control! 

Let me know if this ribbon method works for you! Thoughts? Suggestions?

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