Cabin in the Woods

We recently took some family time to relax in a cabin in the woods along the TN/KY border. We go to these cabins often to just relax.

Watching the rain on the front porch by Tea in the Morning Too

We actually really hope it rains so that we can sit on the front porch and watch the storm, read a book, crochet, and drink coffee.
A trip to Pickett State Park

We also like to do some hiking, wading in the creek, skipping rocks, catching minnows, and just enjoying being out in nature.

A walk in the woods to a cave.

At Pickett State Park we found found a trail that led to a natural bridge and cave. Such a cool natural formation!

Sisterly love amazes me!

And our hikes often end like this - Cade getting a ride one someone's hip. Emma offered him a ride without him asking - I love to see the little ways they love on him!

Gypsy Poncho Pattern by Little Monkeys Design

During our relaxing on the front porch, while the little guy was playing with his bristle block toys (current favorite toys!), I was able to finish up my Gypsy Poncho I've been working on. The woods around the cabin created a unique place to take pictures of the finished poncho.

Woodland bonnet by Little Monkeys Design.

I also worked up this Woodlands Bonnet for a customer while swinging on the porch swing! My first bonnet crochet pattern! 

Relaxing in a cabin in the woods - with a side of coffee.

I highly recommend taking a little time to get away and relax! The best part is getting up in the cooler mornings and reading on the front porch rocking chair with a side of coffee, taking in natures beauty.

You can read more about our time at the cabin from a teenagers perspective at Spinach is Good For You.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Awwww..... looks perfect. Eldon and I are taking the little girls "cabin camping" next week for a few days. We are looking forward to it. Jillian is nervous - she's not sure she wants to be hours away from her Momma! :-)

  2. Thanks for updating the blog. I have missed it. Love, Love, love the crochet blog too!

    1. Valerie - Thanks! Didn't realized I was missed! ;) Glad you liked the crochet blog. I'm much more active on that blog! Hope you signed up for my newsletter to follow along!