It's Spring! Time to clean out closets!

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Spring means time to do your Spring cleaning! We recently moved, so I feel like we spent the last year Spring cleaning!
Since we live in a much smaller house now, we have a lot less closet space. This really helps you simplify! There's just not room for any extras!
Now that winter is (hopefully :)) almost over, it's time to look back over your winter clothes.
See those tops and bottoms that are really cute, you like them, but for some reason never wore them?
 Get rid of them! Lovely as they are, they are taking up valuable real estate!
 Time to sell or donate them to someone who can really use them. This will give you closet space for clothing articles that you will wear, not just decorate your closet with.
I have this problem too! I have several nice skirts and sweaters that I really like and will "one day" wear, but they aren't real practical on an every day basis. Keep one such out fit for that "one day", and donate the others.
I practiced this idea last Saturday and had a pile of winter clothes to donate to those in need. That feels good on two fronts - my closet is a little more organized and I'm helping someone out with a gift of "new" clothes.
Don't let these early Spring days go by without looking through your winter clothes and seeing which ones you never wore and finding them a new home!

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