Day 4 of our Washington, D.C. Family Trip

Day 4 of our family trip to Washington, D.C. was also Thanksgiving Day, so not a lot of tourist places were open, but the Smithsonian was, so we headed there first thing in the morning!

The Smithsonian is open every day of the year except for Christmas Day.

We started at the Castle which is mainly an overview of the different Smithsonian museums - an information center with a café.

The Smithsonian Institute includes 19 museums - you could be here for weeks, if not years if you gave each museum a really good tour! We had one day so we picked the ones we HAD to see. (We had already been through 2 of the Smithsonian museums earlier - Natural Museum of American History and National Museum of Natural History.)

Cole, being an aviation major in college, picked the National Air and Space Museum. It is AWESOME! There is everything from the beginning of flight to space travel in this museum. It is crowded and hard to take pictures in this museum, so I didn't! I just enjoyed the exhibits. Even the 2 year old enjoyed this museum - there are lots of hands-on areas to play.

A few of us stayed at this museum all day! The rest of us ventured over to the National Gallery of Art. This is a good art museum, but doesn't quite compare if you've been to the Louve in Paris.

One wing of the National Gallery of Art was under construction so it was empty, but we did see most of the exhibits in the West Building. If you are an art lover, you will be in heaven! I liked that the art was separated by time periods and artist. You could spend all day here if you have the time.

Not too many restaurants were open on Thanksgiving, and those that were open were booked! I finally found an open reservation at Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers, but it was on the other side of town and for 7:45pm. We had plenty of time to sight see after the Smithsonian closed.

We headed to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial - a long walk, but interesting! It was dark, but there were plenty of lights to see the statues and waterfalls. The memorial is created with walls of granite, each commemorating a different term of FDR's presidency.

From the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial you can see the Jefferson Memorial.

Here is a beautiful night view of the Washington Monument on the left and the Jefferson Memorial on the right.

FDR was a great admirer of Thomas Jefferson and spearheaded the effort to build Jefferson's Memorial, so it's fitting that their memorials are close together - at least within easy walking distance.

Thomas Jefferson - wrote the Declaration of Independence, served as Secretary of State under George Washington, was John Adam's Vice President, and was America's 3rd President.

After a really long walk, we made it to Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers were we had a delicious meal! We took our leftovers home and ate them for lunch the next day.
Our Fitbit says we walked over 10 miles, and I believe it!
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