Visit to Washington, D.C. with Kids Part 2

Day 2 in Washington, D.C. was a busy day. I'm pretty sure we walked over 8 miles (info from Fitbit!)
John had some work calls so the kids and I headed to the White House. This was Tuesday before Thanksgiving, so it was pretty quite.
Lafayette Square is on the north side of the White House and contains many beautiful statues.  It is also the place where protesters gather. There weren't many while we were there - just a few protesting war in general.

The day we visited the White House (from the outside, we didn't go in) was just a few days after the Paris bombings, and the French President was visiting, so security was high, and you couldn't get very close to the White House. If you do want to take a White House tour, you need to submit an application to tour 6 months before you plan to visit. They do background checks!
Thanks to a beautiful sunny day, picture taking was a little difficult!

From the White House we walked down to the Smithsonian. You could spend a week here! We started with the National Museum of American History. They have everything here - it's a great place to let the kids run and play. Of course, then it's hard to take pictures!
Here are some yarn work and sewing antiques I found interesting. I actually have a swift yarn winder like the one pictured above.
Cade purposely won't look at the camera if he knows you want to take his picture! The National Museum of American History has a huge display on transportation - bikes, trains, automobiles, buses, subways, ....
After John joined us for a quick lunch, we visited the National Museum of Natural History. There are animals, rocks, artifacts and more from all over the world! If you wanted to see and read every display, I think it would take you a year! We saw the highlights. The Elephant above is in the Museum's lobby - very impressive!
We finished the evening off with a delicious meal at Teaism. They have 4 locations around DC, with a seasonal menu. We had lentil soup, chicken and vegetable curries, and fancy teas. Their cookies looked delicious, but we were full!
I'm taking the holidays off from my blog, but follow me in January for Day 3 of Visiting Washington, D.C. with the kids. Day 1 of our trip can be found here.
Happy Holidays!

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