Simple Holiday Decorations

This time of year one can easily go over-board with the holiday decorations!
In keeping with the idea of simple, I offer a few easy holiday decoration ideas that you can make yourself.

Mason Jar Lights 

Pint Mason Jars
Elmer's Glue
Paint brush
Battery Powered Tea Lights
Shred - Clear "Easter Grass"
Decorative Ribbon
1. Lightly pain the inside of the mason jars with glue using your paintbrush. While still yet, sprinkle glitter inside jar to cover sides.
2. Let jars dry. Put a thin layer of Shred in bottom of jars. Set tea lights in Jars.
3. Tie a colorful ribbon around top of jar. Set in a place to enjoy!

Simple Holiday Decorations - mason jar lights

Simple Holiday Decorations - mason jar lights

Holiday Front Door Wreath


Grapevine Wreath
Holiday décor items
Holiday Ribbon
Florist Wire

1. Attach décor items with florist wire at desired locations around wreath.
2. Tie a bow with the ribbon leaving long tails - Use wire to attach bow to wreath, wrap tails around wreath and tuck into wreath at back to secure. 

Gingerbread House

To easily involve the children, you can purchase a premade gingerbread house kit and let them put it together. This is a fun project as well as provides a cute table centerpiece.

Christmas Cookies

They don't have to be fancy to be delicious!
We used a simple sugar cookie recipe we found on Pinterest - they were more like tea cakes - spread with an easy powdered sugar, milk, vanilla icing, and topped with Holiday sprinkles.

Another Mason Jar Lights Idea

We did one more holiday project to create Mason Jar Lights! This was the easiest and one of my favorites!
You need a mason jar, Shred, and a blinking Christmas necklace - we found one at the grocery store.
Fill the jar with the shred as you slowly insert the necklace into the jar so it doesn't lay all in one spot. Make sure to keep the on/off switch where you can reach it.

Happy Holidays!

p.s. I'll be back next week with the promised Day 2 of Washington, D.C. trip with Kids.

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