Creating storage in small houses

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We moved from a house with lots of storage to a rather small house (for a family of 7!) that is sorely lacking storage, especially in the kitchen.
We visited the home of a friend who had created a shelf over her dining room table mainly for decoration.
Inspired, we decided to create the same shelf but use it for both additional storage space and "kitchen character". (Please ignore the IKEA bookcase still in its box on the kitchen floor. Once our closet gets built, the bookcase will be moved. Until then, we're walking around the box!)
We bought the first set of shelf supports at IKEA. When we decided to create more shelves around the house, we bought additional supports at Home Depot.
We also bought some colored stain at IKEA. They have lots of colors to choose from, but I choose blue, of course!
After purchasing a 1"x 10"x 12" board, my husband cut it to the length we wanted and painted it. He put two coats of paint on the kitchen shelf and went with one coat of paint for the bedroom shelves.
He used a laser level to make sure the shelf supports were hung straight and then affixed the boards to the shelf supports.
We then emptied one kitchen cabinet onto the shelf. It's a little "different" putting the dishes on a shelf rather than in a cabinet, but they are right by the kitchen table where we use them. Plus it has opened up an entire cabinet for storage of other less used items.
We liked this kitchen shelf so well, that we created two in our bedroom!
One for all of John's books he's going to read "someday" and one for my crochet books where they can be easily found.

 I'm still working on the best way to arrange my crochet books on the shelf. I think I need to find some cute bookends.

Sounds like another project in the making!

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