Front Door Beauty

Front door wreath by
Since we moved into our new little house this summer, I've been trying to add a few decorating touches.
I've always wanted to try to make a front door wreath. With the help of a few ideas from Pinterest, I created this wreath with supplies from Hobby Lobby
- a grapevine wreath, 3 linen flowers, blue burlap, a wooden letter P.
After a little trial and error and with the help of my glue gun, the wreath didn't take too long to create.
One could easily use different colored flowers or burlap to make a seasonal or holiday wreath.


  1. That is so gorgeous - I love it! I bought some wheat today and added it to my front door basket. Now I just need a big bow! ;-) xoxo

    1. Hobby Lobby has all their burlap ribbon on sale! It might be just as close to come get my extra - if you want blue!