My Disappearing Act - We Moved!! 3Tips for Moving Part I

After having our hobby farm for sale for almost 2 years, we finally sold it this past month! We feel like we've been on a rollercoaster ride the past 2 years and are so happy to be OFF it!!
But moving is a LOT of work! I thought I had pre-packed at least half of our "stuff", but I think it was multiplying behind my back! We moved ourselves, no packing or moving company involved, so we learned a bunch a long the way!

#1 Get rid of anything you don't have to have or wouldn't be willing to pay to have someone move for you. It takes a little longer to pack, but decluttering is worth it! There is no sense in moving something and then getting rid of it. We are in that position ourselves - we moved to a house half the size of our original house and have over estimated what will fit!
#2 Don't buy boxes! There are so many places to get FREE boxes that it seems silly to buy boxes. In searching for boxes, I learned that most big box stores get shipments everyday and if you call, the night shift will save the boxes for you. I also found that if you drive behind a shopping center where the dumpsters are, you can score lots of boxes! Clothing stores have the best boxes because they are large, sturdy, and clean. Liquor stores have great boxes for packing dishes in as they are thick and usually have dividers that work well for glasses.
If you do need to buy boxes, as we did a few times in a pinch, WalMart and Home Depot are two places to get them other than a packing store and much cheaper!
#3 Say YES to help! I had a dear friend come over and help me pack twice, and my mom was with us to help for a few days as well. It's amazing how much more you can get packed with a few extra hands! And it can be fun as well. Help also came in the form of extra hands to move large furniture as well, and it was much appreciated!!
If you have multiple young children, help could also come in the form of someone to watch the little ones while you pack. Don't hesitate to accept childcare help from a trusted friend! Luckily, I have several older children and we each took a break from packing to keep the 2 year old out of the way.

Overall we're worn out - moving is a lot of work - and we're not finished as we have more stuff in storage that we still need to move to our new home - but we are happy to be starting a new chapter in life!


  1. Hope things are getting settled down a bit more by now! Yes, we know the joys and stresses of moving quite well, but not so much w/ young ones in tow! That takes it to a whole different level :) We just hope we don't need to do it again any time soon!

    1. Yes, we're getting settled. Coming to see us? :)

      I don't think it's all the little ones, but all the "stuff" that makes moving a lot of work. I'm thinking we just need to have a big garage sale! We need to learn how to let go of "stuff"!

    2. Getting rid of excess stuff was for sure the biggest plus from our recent moves. And we'd love to come visit you again! But who knows if or when. Next month we head to Seattle & B.C. again -- for maybe 2 months this time, so Pete can do more painting.