5 Simple Ideas for Baby Gifts

After having 5 babies myself, I can tell you that the baby ALWAYS ends up with way more than he needs!
I thought that maybe Baby #5 would get short changed in the gift department because, after all, he's Baby #5, and we ought to have all the baby items we need by now!
But no, his closet is over flowing, even though I tried really hard to not buy any more than necessary. Everyone loves to buy baby gifts!
When you are invited to a Baby Shower, it's a great idea to take something that Baby or Mom or Dad can use for a long time or an item that can be reused for the next Baby in the family.
Stay away from gifts that have a size or age range unless it is really wide. Mom only needs so many 6-12 month onesies!

5 Simple Ideas for Baby Gifts

Baby Blanket - heirloom quality, something that will be kept for the next child and even passed on to Baby's babies! Don't buy a blanket that everyone else is going to show up with. Buy a handmade blanket. Think Etsy or another handmade hotspot. If you crochet, knit, or sew consider making a Baby blanket yourself.  You can't get any more unique than that!
Classic Toys  - even though the child comes into the world as a mere baby, he won't stay little long! A great baby gift is something he can grow into. Consider giving a Red Flyer Wagon, Tinkertoys, wooden blocks, stacking rings, a wooden doll stroller. These toys will be enjoyed for years, not just months.
Books - babies love books. Little ones just months old can enjoy cloth books. Soon they are ready for board books and then regular children's books. A visit to your local bookstore will give you lots of ideas for books to buy as a gift for the next baby shower. The plus here is that they can be enjoyed over and over again!

Gift Cardsthis gift idea may seen lazy to you, but as a mom of many, I guarantee you that it will be received with a smile! Now Mom is free to buy what Baby needs when he/she needs it - whether it's clothes, shoes, diapers or anything else. You can buy a Target gift card or get more creative and give a gift card for a photography studio or a furniture store. Those too are items that will be appreciated long after the purchase.

Meals - After our third child was born, the neighborhood organized a few weeks of dinners. Every other night someone brought us dinner, which was usually large enough for lunch the next day too! If you live out of town, this is still an option. You can give a gift card to a local restaurant or even to a grocery store that has prepared meals. Who wouldn't like a gift card for dinner from Whole Foods?

What's your favorite Baby Gift to give?  Please comment below.
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