Spring Cleaning: Kitchen Drawers

 I have been in the cleaning mood. Every time I think about packing our house up once it sells, I start cleaning out drawers and closets so we have less to pack.

 Decluttering is a key to simplifying!
This time I attacked the kitchen drawer I've been avoiding! I bet you have one of those too!
In this drawer I keep the cooking utensils - and whatever else gets thrown in there.
Believe it or not, I've already cleaned this drawer out once before, but apparently I left too much in it.
It's hard to find what you are looking for! And who needs an apple slicer/corer that's broke?

I started by taking everything out of the drawer and giving it a good cleaning. It's amazing all the crumbs that had accumulated!

Then I only added back into the drawer the items I know I've used in the last week.

Everything else I put in a box which I stored in the pantry. This is my step between cleaning and donating. So, if I've cleaned a little too thoroughly, I can get an item back out of the storage box!

Since cleaning day, I've only had to get one item out of this box.

I'll give myself a month or two and then take what's left in the box of extras to a donation center.

Now, every time I open this drawer and can easily find what I'm looking for, I'm so glad I spent that time cleaning out this drawer.

Next, I need to apply this to our medicine and linen closet! That may take a little longer!

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