Snow Days!

The last few weeks we've had an unusual amount of snow here in west Tennessee. I love how snow makes everything look fresh and clean - simplicity at it's best!

Our beehives are rarely surrounded with snow. The bees are all huddled up inside keeping each other and the hive warm. Notice there is no snow on top of the hives.

Covered by snow, you don't see the leaves that need to be raked or any grass that needs to be mowed!

Even the children's play area in the backyard looks nice and clean. No dirt showing anywhere!

I'm not a big fan of cold, snow winters, but I do like how they make life LOOK a little more serene.
Hannah and Emma enjoyed playing with the camera while enjoying the snow, before they froze!

With all our snow - about 5 inches - we had a different type of fun than usual - 4 wheeling in the snow.
Cade getting a pull on the sled.

John getting a little help sledding down the hill. It wasn't quite steep enough.
A walk in the snow down our long driveway is a nice, if not cold, change.

While we enjoyed the change of weather with a late winter snow, someone is looking forward to some warmer weather!

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