Winter on the Farm - Part II - A Simple Way to Thaw the Deep Freezer

One winter chore that is actually best to do towards the end of winter is thawing the deep freeze.

By the end of winter the supply of fruits and vegetables we froze in summertime has depleted and there is less to work around in cleaning out the freezer. Plus, with the cooler temperatures, it is easier to leave the freezer lid/door open for extended amounts of time without worrying about your food thawing during the cleaning - or about the electric bill as all your cold air escapes. (We keep our deep freeze in the garage.)

We were recently offered a half of a cow at a great price that we couldn't refuse - a day before it was to arrive! I had to hurry and make room for the meat in the deep freeze. At first I was just going to move things around, but then I realized that all the frost that was built up on the inside of the freezer was just going to be that much harder to thaw later when I had the time because the freezer would then be FULL.

       The "minor" build up. I didn't think to take pictures before I started.

I dreaded the idea of unloading all that was in the freezer, letting the freezer thaw and drain, drying the freezer out, and then putting everything back in. Plus I didn't have the time. The meat was coming in a few hours.

I got a plastic spatula and dust pan from the kitchen and some gloves.

 Moved all the items from two sections of the freezer to the other sections.
Used the spatula to gently chip the frost build up of the sides of the freezer.

 Swept up the "snow" with the dust pan.

Moved food items back into the clean area and repeated process in the next section.

Overall, it took less than an hour, and I had a beautifully clean deep freeze.
By the end of the day the frost-free freezer was also holding our beef for the year.

Any suggestions on how to prevent the frost build up to being with?

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