Winter on the Farm - Part I

Someone recently posed the question - "What does your farm look like in the winter?" That made me start thinking about what we do here on our hobby farm in the off season.

Honestly, not much -  compared to all our "busyness" in the spring and summertime. I spend more time reading, cleaning, crocheting, and sewing in the winter months than I do in the summer. But, on sunny days, we do get outside to get a few chores done.


Today, Bella and Cade helped me in the garden beds. We have 17 raised garden beds. We have found these much easier to take care of than the HUGE garden space we had before. Bermuda grass knows no boundaries!

A few weeks ago on a spring-like day we went out and weeded 4 of the empty garden beds. We aren't ready to plant anything now, but we can cut down on our work in the spring if we work a little at a time now on keeping the weeds from taking over.

I recently read an article in Hobby Farm Magazine about the importance of planting cover crops over your garden in the winter. Usually I do, but with the house up for sale, I wasn't extremely motivated this past fall when we closed up the majority of the beds.

The article suggested that another idea was to cover your beds with compost and or leaves to add nutrients to the soil.


So, today we cleaned out the old chicken and rabbit house. We took all the droppings and leaves that had been composting for over a year and spread them over the beds that we had weeded.

It didn't take very long. We shoveled the compost into a wheel barrel and trotted it back down to the garden area. We dumped the compost onto each bed and spread it around with a shovel.


Covering 4 beds took us about 45 minutes and was much better exercise than the Elliptical. Plus we got a weeks worth of Vitamin D.

Even the 2 year old was a helper!

Follow me next week as I continue to bring you Winter on the Farm Part II.

What do you do on your "farm" in the winter?

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