The #1 Consideration for Purchasing Garden Seeds

  As tired as I am at the end of fall gardening seasons, come springtime, I'm anxious to get started again!
I recently went through all my seeds to see what I had and what I needed to order. You can save seeds for several years, but the germination rate goes down each year. I threw out a few seeds I had with 2007 written on them!

I order seeds from several different places - High Mowing Organic Seeds, Seeds of Change, and  Johnny Seeds.

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My friends Dori of The Red Feedsack and Andrea of Keeping it Cozy like to order their seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds for their beautiful cut flower garden.

The most important consideration in ordering seeds is that they are Organic, Non-GMO seeds. As High Mowing Organic Seeds puts it:

"Genetically modified crops are created by adding genetic material from one species into the DNA sequence of another species. The result of genetic modification by laboratory methods is a combination of genetic materials that could not occur naturally."

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 Long-term effects of genetic modification of our seeds and foods are largely unstudied. Safety assessments (which are not required by the FDA) have almost exclusively been conducted by the same companies who market GMOs. For this reason, more than 60 countries around the world now require labeling of GMOs.

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With the widespread availability of genetically modified seeds to large row crop farmers, the possibility of cross pollination - and therefore contamination - of an organic farm or garden is an ever increasing possibility. Therefore non-GMO seed sources need to be re-verified on a regular basis. This is an important consideration in deciding where to buy your seeds from.

If you want to know what you are eating, plant yourself a garden after considerable thought and research  as to what seeds you are planting.

Then support those seed companies that do it right!

Please leave me a comment with where you buy your seeds and what's in your cart.


  1. Good morning Angela! Thanks for mentioning me in your post! I have never ordered from the places you mentioned as I've just always been happy with Baker Creek Seeds; however, I've heard and read a lot of good things about Johnny Seeds. I'm going to check out all three that you mentioned. In my master beef class we had an entire 3 hour class dedicated to pesticides to use on your farm and I'm pretty sure out of the 120 people there I was probably the only one that was just cringing. It's so much easier to just spray the pastures than it is to worry about organic, GMO's, and cross pollination. We do not have our farm certified organic because I don't think we could with the large farms bordering ours that spray. So, it's a bummer. ANYWAY, that was off topic! Ha Ha! We have our large seed order for our flower garden and I just keep looking at all the packages and I'm so anxious to get them planted. Soon! Thanks for your blog post. I loved it. - Dori -

    1. I planned on ordering from Baker Creek Seeds this year - at your recommendation - but I really like pelleted lettuce and carrot seeds - so much easier to plant, so I had to order from a seed company that carried pelleted seeds. Baker Creek doesn't carry pelleted seeds. When will you be planting your flower seeds? I need to get my lettuce and Kale in soon!