The Minimalist Packs for a Ski Trip - Part I

We recently went on a road trip to Colorado to snow ski - 20 hours in the car! It went really well and we had a great time skiing and visiting with friends there.

The one thing I dislike about traveling in the winter - besides the uncertain weather - is how much stuff you have to take with you. Winter clothes are just so BULKY! And then add in ski clothes for 7 people!

We came up with a great idea to minimalize the amount of car space that the ski clothes took up.

We bought a jumbo Ziploc Space Saver Bag and put it down inside a large duffle bag that opens on the top. The ski clothes all went in - jackets, pants, bibs, socks, hats, ear warmers - anything we didn't need until we reached the slopes. Then we attached a vacuum to the Space Saver bag and deflated it.

It decreased size by about 50%! Be warned - it will be a very heavy bag, but it will take up half the space!

You may consider buying 2 of these bags and take the extra one with you. We sure wish we had! With all the people in and out of the ski clothes bag, we developed a hole in our Space Saver bag. That created quite an issue of not enough space in the back of the suburban on the way home! We managed, but not without a lot of stress that we could have done without!

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