Smoothies in the Morning

My husband, John, doesn't like eggs, so often it's hard to find  healthy, real, whole foods for him to eat in the morning for breakfast. He does like oatmeal, but he doesn't want it every morning.

Most cereals are off limits because off all the additives they contain. Just look at the ingredients of any so called "Healthy Cereal".

His preference for breakfast is a smoothie of spinach, frozen fruits, water, ground flax seed, chia seeds, and a protein powder mix. That last ingredient is where we fall off the band wagon of whole foods.

When you start your journey into eating all whole foods, give yourself the liberty of choosing one or two not-quite-a-whole-food items to include in your diet. It makes it much easier to start. Then once you're on your way, you can find substitutes for those items.

For the protein powder, you could use any high protein food item - Greek yogurt, peanut butter, cottage cheese.

I have made up some of my own smoothie recipes that I will post about in the future. As I learn, I am loving the smoothie recipes at Simple Green Smoothies.

What's your favorite whole food smoothie recipe?

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