I Want to Make a Snowman!

I saw these snowman posted online and I had to try them out. I knew my almost 2 year old little boy would love one! Plus they would look really cute sitting on my mantle - adding a little seasonal touch to the decoration.

My nine year old daughter agreed to be my assistant. We had everything on hand that we needed accept for the socks. I finally found all white tube socks at the Family Dollar store.


White Tube Socks
Rubber bands
Rice - optional
Polyfill stuffing
Snaps or eyes
Glue gun and glue sticks
Scrap fabric


Cut tube sock in half thru the heel area.

Take the top of the sock and turn it inside out. Put a rubber band around the cut end.

Turn the sock piece back right side out.

If you want the snowman to stand up on it's own, put 1/3 cup rice inside the sock. Then fill the sock with Polyfill and close the top with a rubber band.

Put another rubber band around the upper third of the sock to create a head and body of the snowman.

Use a glue gun to glue on what you have chosen for your eyes and nose. We used black and silver snaps as we had lots of those in our sewing box. Plastic eyes or buttons would work as well. Glue on colorful buttons down the front of your snowman. You will want to coordinate the colors with your fabric piece.

Take the toe piece of the cut sock and turn it inside out. Turn a portion of the cut end inside the sock to form a nice edge.

Place the turned edge over the top of your snowman to create a hat. Use your glue gun to glue the hat on all around the head.
Cut a 1.5" by 12" fabric piece and wrap it around the snowman's neck for a scarf. I folded my fabric piece in half lengthwise and tied a square knot so that only the right side of the fabric showed.

One happy little boy!

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  1. Angela, this is a great tutorial and your pictures really make it clear. I had send this somewhere else but it wasn't as easy to understand and I hadn't had a chance to wing it through. Now I won't have to! Going to make these tomorrow evening I think! Love them. Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and special meeting. Ours is next Sunday in Nashville. Looking forward to our company this week! :-) Hugs to all of you. - Dori -