My Baby is 18???

Today my little boy turns 18 years old! Where did the time go?

Having a toddler in the household too makes it really hit home how fast children grow up.

This young man has taught me so much in life - not just about parenting, but about life in general.

When comparing my 18 year old son with my toddler son, it makes me realize how much children learn by copying us.

The toddler learns to do everything in life by mimicking what he sees around him, good and bad. Of course, his curiosity gets added in there too!

It reminds me of a phrase I heard this fall and have really taken to heart  -

 "We can't out-talk our example."

No matter what we say, children are going to follow our example before they heed our words.
And all the right words to a child can't make up for a wrong example set before them.
This teenage son of ours has taught me that I can talk all I want and say as much as I can, but my example is going to "speak" the loudest to him.
He may not remember all the directions I gave him loud and clear, but he'll remember when I don't live up to what I ask of him.
Hopefully he notices when I do set a right example before him too.
 I can look at his life and see by his example to his siblings that he's picked up some good characteristics.
I've learned that often times the best thing to do in a situation (or really, in life in general) is to say less and do more.
It's as simple and as intentional as you can get - setting a right example for children to follow makes a much greater impression on a child than anything we can say.

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