How to Make your own Broth

During the winter we eat a lot of soups. They are easy and nutritious and perfect for a cold evening. A slice of warm homemade bread is the only side you need, though a salad goes well too.
With all the soup we eat, I go through a lot of chicken and beef broth. The past few years I have been saving money and boosting the nutritional value of our soups by making my own broths.
It's not hard!
Chicken or Beef Broth


Chicken or Beef bones - I use the leftover bones and skin from cooking and deboning a whole chicken or beef bones from the butcher.
Optional - onion skins, carrot tops, other leftover veggie pieces


1. Put chicken bones and skin and any veggie pieces into a crock pot.
2. Fill crock pot with water.
3. Cook on high for 12 hours.
4. Turn crock pot off, remove lid and let cool for an hour.
5. Strain broth through a colander into a large bowl.
6. Discard bones, skin and veggie pieces.
7. Put bowl of broth into the refrigerator for several hours or over night.
8. Once cool, skim off fat from top of broth.
9. Pour the broth in containers to store in freezer until needed.
If you are using leftover bones from a chicken or beef dinner, this is virtually free broth!

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