Finding Time to Rest

Babies are great at forcing you to put things in the right priority! Before we had our little guy, I couldn't get enough done in the day - always go, go, go!

Now that's not an option. Little guy needs to nurse and a nap or we all pay for it! And I'm finding that this forced slow down is really good for me.

Numerous studies have shown the importance of rest for our body - mainly in the form of sleep. The average adult only gets a handful of hours of sleep each night, which can be harmful to our health. According to the Mayo Clinic, lack of sleep can affect our immune system and long-term lack of sleep also increases your risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) disease.

While sleep at night is very important for a healthy body, I think taking time to rest your mind and body during the day is equally important.

The idea of rest was essential from the very beginning. In the Old Testament, God encouraged the Children of Israel to rest on the Sabbath day. They weren't to do anything that wasn't absolutely necessary. God was looking out for them, keeping them from our humanness that want to always be busy, even busy with unimportant things. They were to also allow their fields to rest every 7 years, allowing for a natural replenishment of nutrients in the field.

Now that I have a nursing, napping baby again, I've re-learned the importance of rest for myself.

Physically, I feel so much better after I've taken 10 minutes away from the business of life to sit down and nurse or rock my little guy. To sit and read a book while we rock, takes my mind off all that needs to be done that day. Just thinking about my mental To Do list can exhaust me! I found it a luxury to sit and think about nothing but my sweet baby in my lap. Others find it relaxing to read a short chapter in a book, sit on the front porch, listen to music or have a short uplifting conversation with a friend.

It's amazing how much more we can get done in the day after we've taken time for a short rest!

At night, I often have to rock our little one in the dark in order to get him to go to sleep. There's too much for him to look at in his room that distracts him from drifting off! It used to really frustrate me that I couldn't get another few pages read on my book on nights when the light must go out for Cade to go out! Then I learned that this was a great time for me to meditate on the day or even to pray. No distractions to take my mind away, no one needing my help with a project, no questions to answer. Just sweet silence! I've learned to value this time with my sweet baby and precious silence.

Resting the mind is a great way to find peace in your day, and a perfect way to end your day and start your evening or night.

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