Uncluttered Closets

I wish I had before and after pictures of all the closets we cleaned out over the past year. And pictures of everything we took to Goodwill!

We used to do the time consuming children's seasonal clothes closet shuffle.

1. Take all the current clothes out of the closet.
2. Get the next season's clothes out of the boxes in the attic.
3. Make sure the "new" clothes fit and hang them in the closet.
4. Go thru the "old" clothes. Donate the ones that won't fit the next child. Pack up the ones that someone can wear next year.
5. Put the "old" clothes in boxes and carry them up to the attic.

Then you can just about be guaranteed a cold or warm spell where you wish you had those clothes back in the closet that are now in the attic.

Finally I had had enough.

 That process took half a day, twice a year! The last time we did this dance, I determined I wouldn't do it again.

We kept only the clothes that would fit into the closet - easily - for all seasons. Summer and winter bottoms on the bottom bar. Summer and winter tops on the top bar. Or you could divide the closet in half, one half for each season.

The only clothes I have in boxes in the attic are the clothes from bigger sisters that won't fit little sister yet. And they are marked with season and sizes so I can find them when we're ready for them.

We wash a load or two of clothes every day, so in reality, we don't NEED more than just a few outfits per season. ( Guess that goes for me too??)

When journeying to a simpler lifestyle, we must be willing to simplify all portions of our life - things we own, our work, our diet, even how we spend our rest time.

While I hate cleaning out the children's clothes closets, and they loath giving items away, I get a happy feeling just looking at a simple, clutter free, organized closet. And it's much easier for them to keep their closets organized if there is less in it.

Less time spent on chores equals more time on hobbies (or just plain resting) for all of us.

The big key to keeping the closets clutter free is to really limit our shopping trips!

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