A Laundry System that works for me!

Having your house up for sale makes you rethink all areas of your life, even how you do laundry!

We had a great laundry method to start with, but it soon showed a glaring error once we put the house up for sale and had to keep it ready to show most of the time.

Old System

Everyone had a day of the week that was their day to do their laundry. Anyone over 8 at our house does their own laundry. Except for my husband - I lovingly do his! Part of trying to be that good wife!

The best thing about this system was that I only did laundry one day a week. Perfect!

In this system, everyone had a basket in their room where they were suppose to keep all their dirty clothes until it is their laundry day. On laundry day, they washed, dried, folded, and put away their clean clothes.

The problem was that at any given time, the majority of bedrooms where full of dirty clothes, in or out of their basket, waiting for their turn to use the washer and dryer.

A weeks worth of dirty clothes can really stink and are an eyesore for showing the house.

I had to change my system!

New System

Now we wash one big load of clothes every morning - everyone's clothes together. Sometimes we separate the colors and do a light and a dark load.

During the day I throw in the washer anything I find that needs to be washed - clothes, dish towels. I have an extra basket at the foot of the washer for any lights that need to be washed separately.

After showers at night, everyone brings their clothes to the laundry room. They throw darks into the washer and lights into the basket. We include towels too, but usually, I do one towel load a week. Yes, we reuse towels!

Before I go to bed, I start the wash. If there aren't many lights in the basket - and they aren't good white shirts - I throw them in the washer so I'm only doing one wash. We have a delay start on our washer, so I set it to start about 1 hour before I plan to get up in the morning. (1minute)

In the morning, before I pour my tea, I put the wash into the dryer. (1minute)

The clothes dry while I drink my tea and read. By time that breakfast is over - or before - the wash is ready to be folded. (10 minutes)

 I set up the ironing board and fold the laundry as I take it out of the dryer. One pile for each person. Sometimes I use the top of the washer and dryer as well.

I put my husband's and mine clothes, the baby's clothes, and the dishtowels away.        (5 minutes)

 Everyone else gets their clothes pile out of the laundry room and puts it away.

 If I need to straighten the laundry room quickly, before the kids have had time to get their clean clothes, I move the piles off the ironing board to the top of the washer and the board over the hanging rod.

On this rod I hang anything that needs ironing. Doing ironing as needed, rather than letting it pile up for days, helps keep a neat laundry room as well.

This whole process takes me less than 20 minutes, not counting washing and drying times. The only down fall I've discovered in this new system, is that I am doing everyone's laundry everyday. I know! But not having any dirty clothes lying around, ever, more than makes up it!

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