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Traveling Europe By Train Day 2 - Brussels to Amsterdam

Traveling Europe by Train

We overslept a bit the first morning of our trip, but it probably was necessary. 

Belgium coffee shop - Traveling Europe by Train

Having missed breakfast at our hostel, we walked into Brussels main plaza area - suitcases in tow. We found a cute cafe along the way and indulged in warm pastries filled with cheeses and veggies, coffee and juices for breakfast/lunch. 

Summer Adventures: Traveling Europe by Train - London to Belgium

Grand Place in Belgium - Summer Adventures: Traveling Europe by Train - London to Belgium

This summer we decided to celebrate two kids graduating - one from high school and one from college - with a family train trip through parts of Europe.

We chose to fly to London, then take the Eurorail trains through Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and France.

Kitchen Notes - a restaurant review

 One thing about Nashville is certainly true - there isn't a shortage of fun restaurants to try!

John and I try to schedule time spent together out each month - without the kids. Trying out a new restaurant is usually involved in our adventure.

Book Review: The Women in the Castle

I read a book this month for fun. My sister-in-law and I trade books, and a while ago she'd lent me this one - The Women in the Castle. I can't praise this book enough! Historical fiction is my favorite genre. I love to read a for fun book and learn something. 

The Women in the Castle is set post WWII. It is about the women who were left behind when some of the higher ranking Nazi leaders formed a resistance group to Hitler and tried to assassinate him. One woman inherited her husband's family's old castle. She spent her time after the war finding the women and children of the resistors and giving them a place to live in the castle and helped them to get on their feet. The book paints a picture of what life was like after WWII for a group of people whom you don't read much about. 

I am putting several other books by author Jessica Shattuck on my reading list now.

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Twelve Projects - January

Twelve projects - January 2018 by Tea in the Morning Too

How do you make sure you spend quality time in each area of your life each month? You make a goal and hold yourself accountable!

With the ages of our kiddos spread out a bit, not everyone is always interested in the same activities, but ice skating proved to be a perfect family activity!

A Day in Bidwell Park - Chico, CA

A Boy and his bike - A Day in Bidwell Park - Chico, CA

What do you do to entertain 20 people, including 14 kiddos - in the middle of winter?

You take them to the park with bicycles and a picnic!

Twelve Projects - for yourself, your family, your relationship

Twelve Projects for 2018 - for yourself, your family, your relationship. Crafts, books, projects, field trips

This new year I want to encourage you to dedicated time to yourself, your family, and your spouse or other significant relationships.